Plant-based Foods With the FcKGood Flavors We Crave


say hello to The Jappy Farm’s delicious plant-based products!

we don’t preach for people to fully switch to a plant-based diet. yet, we firmly believe we all can take small steps to help our planet win its battle against global warming, specially if we love the food we are eating!

a bit of love goes a long way!



spreading fkcgood-ness! we have created an amazing lineup of tasty mayos and dressings, 100% plant- based made.

creamy, healthy and packed with a ton of flavors! don’t take our word for it and try them out!

we only leave the good inside

free of a bunch of stuff

  • egg free
  • dairy free
  • gmo free
  • sugar free
  • gluten free
environmentally friendly


less CO2


less impact on
water scarcity

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food waiting
to be reinvented

day and night, it doesn’t matter; we are always working on our craft. new product lines coming your way soon…

melty, creamy, simply


it’ll taste fckgood!


who we are

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our mission

as a Mexican company, we aim to always deliver mind- blowing delicious flavors while being environmentally conscious!

our promise

we will only use the best available plant-based natural ingredients to reinvent the food we love!

our vibe

at our core we dream big. we wake up everyday believing is possible to leave a better planet for our kids, and better kids for our planet!

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to learn more about our products give us a buzz. we deliver to mexico city and surroundings areas.

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